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    You Likely Need a Computer Service Tune-Up if Your Computer is Exhibiting the Following Symptoms:

    Sluggish response 0
    Freezes during tasks 0
    Programs crash 0
    Hangs during tasks 0
    Slow system load time 0
    Error messages 0

    Do you have time to run errands while waiting for the computer to start?

    Then maybe it’s time for a computer tune up service.

    All computers need some maintenance at least once or twice a year, in order to “clean the house”. There is lots of junk that accumulates with everyday use and that starts to slow down your system, making your computer more susceptible to crashes. That can be fixed with some computer tune-up service.

    If your computer is not performing the way you know it should, ITechFixes can help you. Our computer tune-up service will optimize your computer’s performance to the best it can possibly be.

    ITechFixes takes a detailed and personalized approach to optimizing your system.

    Our service is convenient, fast, and makes a noticeable difference in the performance and life of your computer. We’ll go through every aspect of your computer’s software to ensure it runs the best it can, then we’ll perform a hardware check to ensure reliability and alert you of any problems.

    Optimization for PC Madison Wi

    How Our Computer Tune-Up Service Works

    We connect to your computer remotely over a secure internet connection and perform a complete system overhaul. We go through a detailed computer wellness process that includes the following:

    Step 1

    Removal of anything that is unnecessary or slowing down the computer

    Step 2

    Cleaning out all of the junk that builds up over time and is just taking up space

    Step 3

    Execution of a full malware check and removing all malicious items

    Step 4

    Completion of a system security assessment to ensure that your system is protected

    Step 5

    Installation of important updates to your operating system

    Step 6


    Same Day Appointments Available!

    (608) 728 7575


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      Remote Desktop Diagnostic

      Free Evaluation

      Before you take your PC or Laptop to a shop give us a try, 9 times out of 10 we can fix it remotely! Get friendly 100% Guaranteed* Help Now with a Free Evaluation! Some fixes are simple and we been known to fix a simple fix during the diagnosis with no cost!

      Guarantee a call back within 24h! *

      *If we do not answer, please leave your name and phone number

      We believe that putting the customer first and always being accountable is how you gain trust and loyalty.

      iTechFixes is a help desk and personal technology support services provider for small businesses and home consumers nationwide. Our friendly, patient and professional U.S.-based support technicians connect directly and securely to your device to solve your problems. We offer a number of affordable service plans, including one-time support and unlimited support memberships.

      iTechFixes, located in beautiful Madison Wisconsin, offer computer support for residential and business clients.

      Get in touch with us:
      contact us (608) 728 7575
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