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    4 Tips To Make Your Windows PC Faster

    Make Your Windows PC Faster

    4 Tips To Make Your Windows PC Faster

    Probably you didn’t know but there are ways to make your Windows PC faster. If your computer takes forever to start-up and even longer to load programs, you may start thinking about getting rid of it. Don’t do it just yet, at least not until you try a few things that may significantly improve your PC’s startup time and overall speed.

    Disable programs that load with Windows

    Windows PC faster with task manager

    One of the most effective ways to make any Windows PC computer running Windows 10 faster is to limit the number of programs that load at Windows startup.

    This list can get out of control as you use your PC over the years, which makes your machine take much longer to boot up.

    To access this list, follow a few simple steps:

    • Right-click the Taskbar and select Task Manager from the menu that appears
    • In the bottom left, click More details to open an expanded view
    • Click on Startup (the fourth tab) to see the list of apps loading at Windows startup
    • Right click any unwanted software and choose ‘Disable’

    Getting multiple unneeded startup programs disabled often means your PC will start up in about half the time.

    This will only prevent the software from starting with Windows, it will not delete or disable it permanently.

    Remove software you no longer use

    Remove software

    When you use your computer longer, you end up with more software installed and stored on your PC. Many of those programs are only used briefly and may not be needed anymore.

    Installed software takes up more disk space than regular files and uses more system resources, so deleting unneeded applications will free up space and help your PC run faster. It’s actually an easy job that can be accomplished by anyone. In the Windows 10 search bar type ‘Settings’.

    Then click to open Settings, click Apps, then Apps & Features. In the list of installed applications, select the apps you no longer need and click on Uninstall.

    Removing several programs you no longer use can give you a significant increase in free disk space available for important files.

    We recommend to reboot your PC when you are done with removing programs.

    Use Windows optimization tools.

    Glary Utilities Pro

    If you don’t feel like taking hours to try and give your computer a speed boost, there is a great solution that automates the job.

    To find out best PC optimizer software for Windows 10, 8, 7 and other versions, check some of our other posts. These tools will help you keep your system optimized to get the best out of your Windows PC.

    Clean out junk from your drives.

    Remove software

    If your main drive is full of stuff you don’t really need, your PC may run a lot slower than its hardware allows.

    Cleaning all the junk off your drive can give your computer a significant speed boost. Windows 10 is already equipped with a useful tool that can help you accomplish this task, and this tool is Storage

    Go to Settings > System > Storage.

    In the Storage Sense section flip the switch to On.

    This will make Windows constantly monitor your computer and delete temporary files, junk files, files in the Downloads folder you haven’t touched for a while, and Recycle Bin files.

    Uncheck notifications

    windows 10 notifications

    Photo: Microsoft

    Windows 10 has a lot of hints and tips to guide you through its processes. While this might occasionally help you find the solution to a problem, it is yet another small drain on your computer’s performance.

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