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How to fix a computer that cannot wake up from sleep or standby mode

Often time systems that go into sleep / standby mode cannot come out of it. The cause varies from computer to computer, but the fix is usually a change in the software and/or hardware settings.

Here’s a couple of ways to fix a computer that goes to sleep / standby and won’t wake up.

Your computer uses a standard for power management called Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI). There are six (6) different ‘sleep’ states that your computer can use. The following is a portion of the Wikipedia article on ACPI.

Changing the power management options in the operating system

Sometimes just changing the software settings in the operating system power options will fix the issue. Access to the power options in Windows can be done thru the Control Panel. Depending on your version and view by settings, you may or may not see a power option link. In that case, look for power options under the hardware category.

standby mode
Advanced power option settings in Windows

Once there, create a new plan or modify an existing plan, changing the advanced settings as needed.

You can also disable S4 hibernation and make it unavailable really quick and easy using an administrator command prompt.

Changing power management options in the BIOS

f changing the operating systems power options does not fix the problem, you can try changing the APCI setting to the computers Basic Input/Output System (BIOS).

To access the BIOS, you will need to do so at the time the computer boots up. When the computer starts up, it usually displays a ‘splash‘ screen with the manufacture’s name and logo. It is on this screen you usually see something like ‘Press F2 or Del or F10 for setup’ (it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer).

The ‘splash‘ screen may only appear for a second or two and may take a few reboots to get into the BIOS. Once there, you need to look for Power Management Options. There you will find the different ACPI standby states.

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